Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question please visit the contact page to send us a message. If you would like to be contacted sooner please call us at (847) 381-1907.

Are you open to the public?

No, Wandering Tree Estate is a private venue. We also withhold our address to ensure the privacy of event holders. We do have private garden walks that take place in the summer season. We also give scheduled walkthroughs to potential event Brides and Grooms, Vendors, Photographers, etc… All walkthroughs must be arranged through an appointment. Visit the contact page to schedule your appointment today.

Where is Wandering Tree Estate Located?

We are located in Barrington Illinois. Our exact address is withheld to ensure privacy.

If you would like our exact address we will gladly provide it to you after you have confirmed a time to view the venue, or if you are scheduled to be at Wandering Tree Estate for a Wedding or Event.

To make an appointment:

Visit the contact page to inquire about an appointment or call our main office at (847) 381-1907.

How much will it cost to have an event here?

Our pricing for all events is very dynamic and changes depending on the date, time, guest count, and several other factors. The current price for a 2020 wedding starts at $1,500. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting other types of events such as corporate, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, etc.

The rental fee only includes the use of the Estate. If you would like to have catering, floral arrangements, music, etc., we have a list of preferred vendors that we highly recommend. To get detailed pricing information please visit the contact page to send us a message or call us at (847) 381-1907.

Is there an indoor space for me and my guests?

Wandering Tree Estate is an outdoor venue. There is a small indoor space in the train studio workshop that can hold a maximum of 50 guests standing and seated.

What are your package prices?

Unlike many venues, Wandering Tree Estate does not offer any wedding packages. Our price only includes the rental of the estate for the entire day.

You are free to pick your own vendors (such as catering, floral, decor, etc…) to complete your wedding. This allows you to have full control over your wedding and set your own budget.

Our current price for 2020 weddings starts at $1,500 for 1-15 guests, $2,500 for 15-30 guests, and $3,000 for 30-50 guests. To get an estimated price and discuss further details, please call our main office at (847) 381-1907 or visit the contact page.

What is included in my rental fee?

Renting the Estate gives you access to 10-acres of stunning gardens, model train layouts, and a sparkling lake. The rental fee only includes the use of the Estate. If you would like to have catering, floral arrangements, decor, etc… we have a list of preferred vendors that we highly recommend. You may choose your own vendors only if they are pre-approved by Wandering Tree Estate.

By renting you the Estate, you get full control over the look and feel of your event. Customize to your heart’s content!

For all other vents, you must rent the Estate on a daily basis “as needed”.


What is the maximum number of guests allowed at my event?

The maximum number of guests at any single event is 50 seated and standing. There is no minimum number of guests. Wandering Tree Estate comprises of 10-acres of gardens, model trains, a model train museum of the City of Chicago, and a sparkling lake. There is an abundance of space for you and your guests to enjoy.


Can I go in the main house?

You are not allowed to enter the house. Wandering Tree Estate is a “living” estate, meaning the house is occupied by the owner of Wandering Tree.

The grounds are open for you and your guests to use freely. There is also a bridal cottage that is available. You may also choose to rent the indoor Harvey Silets Memorial Chicago Model Train Museum. There is a small indoor space in the Train Workshop Studio that will hold up to 50 guests standing and seated.

Do you offer overnight stays?

Wandering Tree Estate does not offer overnight stays. Our rental fee only includes set up, tear down, and use of the estate for your event. If you wish to spend the night there is a hotel just 5 minutes from Wandering Tree Estate.


Tip: Make sure to book hotel rooms in advance

Why is it called Wandering Tree Estate?

Many years ago, Elaine (the owner of Wandering Tree), had visions to build a swimming pool to relax in during the summer. There was one small issue – a massive tree was in the way! The appointment to relocate the tree was scheduled, yet nobody showed up. After waiting for the tree movers to show up a call came in. The tree movers confirm they had moved the tree. It turns out that the movers relocated somebody else’s tree by mistake! Hence the name Wandering Tree.